Monday, April 23, 2012

My Brothers as Moroni Men

Although I didn't realize it at the time, my Dad was the first example of a Moroni Man in my life. While growing up I also didn't fully appreciate the boys around me: my brothers, my friends, sometimes my pests.  Now I truly believe even my five little brothers were "Moroni Men in the Making:"

Yes, even the one I trusted enough to tell about my newest 11 yr old crush, only to regret telling him when he couldn't resist teasing me  about using that new found knowledge as a tool of total embarrassment. 

Yes, even the one that always thought finding your ticklish spot was a brotherly duty. 

Yes, even the one who continues to get taller than the rest of us and who has the curly hair many girls would love to have. 

Yes, even the one who loved to come to the piano seat when I was practicing and turn the pages to whatever song he wanted me to play. (which I secretly loved so much)

Yes, even the littlest one (who also isn't so little any more) I wasn't around to get to know as well, but who always wants to talk to me on the phone whenever he has a chance.  (which makes me so happy)

I see all of them as Moroni Men because I have seen so many Christlike characteristics within each one of them.  I also see in my mind only glimpses of the wonder of how much potential is inside each of them.

Note: If you don't know what  I mean by a Moroni Man see Alma 48:17

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