Friday, April 20, 2012

Family Friendly: Why Posting Plans?

I realize that because one of my top goals in my life is to always keep my family first, many things I would love to do take second or third or . . . never make it past the planning stages. As I continued to have to put off my planned blogging time this week, I wondered if I should just stop the planning. What about the quote I came across once: "failing to plan is planning to fail?"  

So I asked myself, "why do you keep posting plans if you can't keep up with them?"  The answer my wise self tells my worried self:  "you feel happier when you have something planned to reflect or write about.  You look forward to that refreshment and expression time.  Even when that time doesn't happen, the plans are in your brain ready to energize you and encourage you to think and to learn. That simple act of posting the plans, in itself, revitalizes you and helps you remember who you are."

 I want to continue to keep my little personal blackboard of thoughts and ideas--pinning the scraps I have time to pin on, sometimes pausing enough to reflect on what an entry on that board means to me. Now I will just think of my posting plans as Powerful Pondering--and if any of my pondering gets to the posting stage . . .then that is a bonus.

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