Saturday, March 18, 2017

Will I Ever Stop Counting? Never

Last Sunday I lost my 18th baby to miscarriage (15th miscarriage, 8 weeks along).
  By now part of me is used to the pain and moves on quickly.  But part of me dies and never comes back to life again.  I have been asked if I will ever stop counting.   No. I never can.  Each baby is unique and I can feel it even in only a few weeks of carrying that special angel.

I was granted my two prayers: 1) to be able to see my baby on ultrasound with a nice, healthy heartbeat and have a picture to keep, and 2) to be able to see my tiny baby even if I lost it.  My prayers were answered and I am so thankful.  I keep telling myself:

Be Inspired and Never Give Up,

Janelle Joy

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