Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spiritually Saving: Personal and Family Study Plans

I have really enjoyed creating and following study plans this year.  We don't always accomplish everything on the plan but I have been amazed at the progress and learning added to  my family by having a simple idea each morning of what I want to study with each of my girls during the day and how the Spirit helps me to find ways to teach those planned principles, as well as other unplanned teaching moments that come where I am inspired to teach a different principle.  The plan helps me feel prepared without taking away from the need to be flexible and in tune with the moment.

My study plans generally include scripture master scriptures and the scripture from the primary outline each month, the topics the girls are learning about in primary at church, and some personal goals I have such as teaching the girls about different latter-day prophets each month. 
For ideas and examples click monthly teaching plans.

I also work on personal study goals and a plan to be able to have some scheduled time to study myself and another scheduled time to teach the girls.  See September Mom Study Schedule for an example.

I wouldn't recommend following my plans.  Ask yourself: What are my personal goals? What do I want or feel the need to study personally?  How can I help family members with their study goals? Am I fulfilling my stewardship in teaching all those I have stewardship over?  Then pray for ideas and make a simple plan for a few minutes a day.

Be Inspired,

Janelle Joy

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