Sunday, February 19, 2017

Piano All Done, Mom


After each song at church today you would say "Piano done mom."  I am surprised at how  many instrument names you know.  You pointed some out to me last night as we watched Music and the Spoken Word.

You are saying lots and lots of full sentences now and you are so confident in telling us your needs and wants. It is so cute to hear you.  Today you told  my friend Heather "Hold my hand, Hedder."  And lately you have been starting to say the prayer yourself when you know we are about to say blessing on the food or family prayer by saying "Bless Mom. Bless S'anna.  (Savannah/Lady Slipper)  Bless Lisa (Angelisa/Morning Glory)  Bless Dad. Amen!!" And you dramatically spread your arms out wide as you finish.

I love being your Mom.
Thank you for coming to our family.



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