Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fit Day online nutrition and overall health tracker

There is a free online journal which you can enter in specific nutrition and health goals. Than you can enter the foods you eat and the activities you did and find out how your calorie intake vs out take was for each dayand whether or not you met your personal exercise and nutrition goals or not . It even keeps track so you can see statistics over a long period of time (for days you have entered in information of course). It also has a helpful place where you can track your mood each day which is wonderful for those of us who have tendency toward depression or hormone imbalances and need to be able to let our dr. know if there is a pattern in our hard days. Best of all it is a free service (with more options available for purchase if you like).

check it out at fitday.com
Also for great kid friendly healthy food ideas for picky eaters check out Super Healthy Kids

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